Scripture Candy Helps Christians Honor Jesus on Halloween Even While Struggling to Survive Trump’s Trade War With China

Harvest Seeds from Scripture Candy. | Photo: Instagram/Scripture Candy

For Christians who would rather celebrate Christ on Halloween instead of its pagan origins in Samhain, a company called Scripture Candy based in Alabama is offering blessed candy wrapped in bits of Scripture and inspirational messages to share with those who come to your door even as the company’s owners struggle to survive President Donald Trump’s trade war.

“In 1991, while listening to ‘Focus on the Family’ on the radio doing a program on the occults and Halloween, GOD gave me the inspiration about turning a pagan holiday into something to glorify GOD. Since we give out candy as ‘treats’ during the holiday, if we could wrap the ‘Word’ around the candy, every piece we gave out would have the possibility of planting a seed in a person’s life,” Brian E. Adkins, co-founder of the company explained on their website about how Scripture Candy began.

Adkins went on to join forces with co-founder Michael McCarron who told The Christian Post Tuesday that they have now been in business for 21 years intent on reaching the world with the Gospel one piece of candy at a time.

Previously the products were sold at major Christian bookstores but as shifts in consumer habits have decimated those brick and mortar stores the owners have had to resort to new outlets. Products created by the company for the season include Harvest Cards and Pops Bag that retail for $7.99 on Amazon, a 50-count tub of Jesus Harvest Seeds for $20, along with a variety of other products McCarron says can currently be found at stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, in addition to their Amazon store.

“You got these people coming to your door and as a Christian, you could be a lazy Christian, [you can] stay at your house, leave your light on instead of turning it off and when they come to your door, pass out a piece of candy that has the Gospel on it, an uplifting message. That’s how the whole thing got started and [it] took us a while to get it up and running,” McCarron explained about the usefulness of Scripture Candy products.

“We have churches that do trick-or-treat that don’t want to do the door to door thing, we do have Christians that still participate in it, they might be older and don’t have kids,” he said.

While Halloween may not be as big as traditional Christian holidays like Easter or Christmas, McCarron says the demand for their products during the celebration is substantial.

And for those wondering where Scripture Candy is manufactured, McCarron explained that the company uses 16 different manufacturers from around the world, including China where a Christian company is also a partner.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair