Rev. Junius B. Dotson Tackles Depression, Suicide, Burnout, and Grief in ‘Soul Reset’

Rev. Junius B Dotson’s Soul Reset, boldly speaks about depression, suicide, and mental health. (Courtesy Photos)

Rev. Junius B. Dotson tackles the topic of suicide, along with many others, in his latest book, Soul Reset. As the current CEO of Discipleship Ministries in Nashville, Tenn., Rev. Dotson has been in ministry for almost three decades, however, his journey to holistic spirituality started early in his priesthood.

Starting out as the pastor of a local church, Rev. Dotson beared all of the responsibility and pressure that comes with any startup business. In exclusive with the AFRO, Dotson revealed that about three or four years after the church opened, he experienced an emotional breakdown. This episode would later lead to a diagnosis of clinical depression and come as a complete shock to the pastor.

“That’s really when my journey to wholeness began,” recalled Dotson.

The Soul Reset series was created to address the stigma of depression, suicide, burnout, and grief as it relates to personal and professional roles. Most of the time, people who are in leadership positions feel that vulnerability is a weakness, and that they have to “be strong for others,” when in actuality, there is power in testimony and transparency.

“Sometimes we super spiritualize everything, so if a person is in need of therapy or even medication, it is looked down upon as if Jesus can’t heal it all,” the author explains. As a disclaimer, the reverend is not saying that Jesus isn’t enough, but rather that the Lord works through people. “The source of healing is God, but God heals in various ways,” he clarified.

“Part of my rationale, impotence, and desire to write this book is to encourage our churches to be a safe place, and to be places that create authentic community where people can share honestly. Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay.”

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Source: Black Press USA