Princeton Theological Seminary to Set Aside $27.6 Million for Programs Aimed at Slavery Reparations

Princeton Theological Seminary has announced that it will set aside $27.6 million for programs aimed at reparations for slavery.

In a statement released Friday, the seminary’s board of trustees endorsed over 20 initiatives they plan to roll out by 2024 that are centered on what they describe as repenting for slavery.

Although the seminary itself never owned slaves nor had buildings constructed by enslaved men, the school still had ties to southern banks and Antebellum donors who profited off slavery.

Furthermore, a historical audit of the seminary found that some of the early faculty and leadership used slave labor for other efforts.

Princeton Seminary President M. Craig Barnes said in a statement last week that his seminary’s “ties to slavery are a part of our story.”

“It is important to acknowledge that our founders were entangled with slavery and could not envision a fully integrated society,” he stated.

“We are committed to telling the truth. We did not want to shy away from the uncomfortable part of our history and the difficult conversations that revealing the truth would produce.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski