President Trump Talks About Oprah When She ‘Used to Be a Really Big Friend of Mine’ and Says She ‘Likes the Key Lime Pie’ From Mar-a-Lago

Trump and Winfrey are photographed together at a heavyweight boxing match in Atlantic City in 1988

President Trump called out Oprah Winfrey at his rally in Louisiana on Friday, saying the daytime talk queen was once his friend who liked the dessert served at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Trump bragged to his supporters in Lake Charles on Friday that he helped Brian Kemp defeat Democrat Stacey Abrams in the Georgia gubernatorial race in November 2018.

‘She had Oprah,’ Trump said of Abrams, who was endorsed by Winfrey.

‘Oprah used to be a really big friend of mine,’ the president said.

‘She used to go to Mar-a-Lago. She likes the key lime pie.’

Oprah’s official web site includes a recipe for a ‘Mar-a-Lago key lime pie’

Trump said that he was the only major supporter of Kemp who helped defeat Abrams, the first black woman to be a major party’s nominee for governor.

The president mentioned that Abrams was endorsed by Winfrey, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Kemp defeated Abrams by some 50,000 votes in a hotly contested election. It was a controversial race since Kemp was also secretary of state, meaning he oversaw the very same election in which he was running.

Abrams claimed that Kemp purged some 670,000 voter registrations.

Trump has a long history with Winfrey dating back to his appearances on her daytime talk show.

In 1998, Trump appeared on her show and publicly wondered whether he should run for president.

In 1999, Trump appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live and said he’d want Winfrey as his running mate if he ran for president.

‘I love Oprah,’ Trump said.

‘Oprah would always be my first choice. … I’ll tell ya, she’s really a great woman, though.

‘She is a terrific woman. She’s somebody that’s very special.’

Trump has also posted numerous tweets in praise of Winfrey.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Ariel Zilber