Over 100 Black Preachers Sign Petition Calling for Boycott of The Word Network After White Owner Kevin Adell is Accused of Racism

The controversial image of Kevin Adell suggesting his control of black preachers that many find offensive. | Photo: Change.org

More than 100 prominent black clergy have signed a petition calling for a boycott of the Word Network after Kevin Adell, the network’s white owner and CEO, was accused of racial insensitivity.

“Recently, his actions have shown that even though he has profited off of the Black community, Mr. Adell does not have regard for Black humanity,” the petition that has garnered more than 3,000 signatures in six days, said.

The Word Network is billed as “the largest, African-American religious network in the WORLD!”

Among the protesting preachers are: Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan, Zoe Ministries; pastor Debra Jordan, Zoe Ministries; pastor Larry Reid, Larry Reid Live; Vickie Yohe, Christian recording artist; Paul Crouch Jr., Impact Network; Lisa Sharon Harper, Freedom Roads; the Rev. Anita Faye-Wilson; apostle Travis Wright; the Rev. Yolanda Brown, Center of Destiny Ministries; and the Rev. Peter Heltzel.

At the center of the allegations against Adell is Bishop George Bloomer, 56, a longtime televangelist and founder of Bethel Family Worship Center, a multicultural ministry in Durham, North Carolina. The petition alleges that Bloomer recently left the network as a result of the allegations against Adell.

Bloomer alleges that in September, Adell texted a photoshopped image of himself dressed as a pimp surrounded by well-known black clergy he called “hoes” to various staff members, many of whom are black. Bloomer was including in the text.

“When Bishop Bloomer stated: ‘This is not funny. This is not good. That pimp talk and hoe talk has racist connotations for Black people.’ Adell texted Bishop Bloomer a second time and said that ‘it’s funny and he should get over it,’” the petition said.

Bloomer then went to Adell and his assistant in person at The Word Network and told them: “Don’t ever tweet that. You should get rid of it. This is not funny. Don’t play with this and don’t play with it with me.”

Rather than apologizing, Adell allegedly photoshopped a picture of Bishop Bloomer in a white tuxedo into the image and added text underneath it that said: “The show last night was good, Tattoo (the dwarf from Fantasy Island who ran around calling Mr. Roarke ‘Boss’).”

“Kevin Adell was alluding to Bishop Bloomer being HIS Tattoo, and him being ‘Boss.’ Although Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island was a good character, the term ‘boss’ in the Black community carries the connotation of ‘massa,’ and that is precisely what Kevin Adell was suggesting. The article that accompanied the photoshopped image of Kevin as a pimp and his hoes even refers to him as the ‘massa’ of The Word Network,” the petition said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair