New Pew Study Finds The Number of People Who Identify as ‘Christian’ in the US is Decreasing; “Keys for Kids” Works to Give the Gospel to Young People

The Pew Research Center just released an update on America’s changing religious landscape. The number of people who call themselves Christians dropped 12-percent over the past decade. Meanwhile, the number of atheists, agnostics, and “nones” – no religious affiliation – rose 17-percent.

Greg Yoder, Executive Director of Keys for Kids Ministries, says as far as U.S. religious trends go, this report is par for the course. “We’re seeing fewer and fewer people in the United States today claiming to be born-again Christians,” Yoder states.

“If you think about it, Christians are being attacked; they’re being marginalized more now than ever before. So, this is not a surprising report to me.”

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Survey says…

Though Pew’s study focused exclusively on people 18 years and older, it reflects the overall society kids encounter at school, in sports, et cetera. Parents and influential adults set an example for children through word and deed. If they  are moving away from Christ, it can be challenging for kids to move towards Him.

Yoder says discipleship is a critical need in the U.S. Church – especially when it comes to the Next Generation.

“It’s not enough to just lead kids to Christ. We introduce them to Jesus and they come to faith in Christ, and that’s great. But, there’s more. We want them to be discipled,” Yoder says.

“We want them to grow in their faith; we want them to become multipliers of their faith.”

Keys for Kids creates digital and print resources to help kids in the “4-to-14 Window” know Jesus and grow in their faith. See a list of resources and programs here. “80% of kids 4 to 14 years old are looking for some kind of spiritual truth. They’re looking for it; they want it,” Yoder says.

“Once you hit… 14 years old, you start seeing those numbers… go down as you get older.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News,