Marketing Your New Business: 5 Tips

So you’ve decided to set up your own business – that’s great! You’ve worked tirelessly over a product and service which you’re passionate about, and you now want to bring it into the mainstream market and offer it to consumers. To do so, you’ll need to know how best to market what you’re offering, and which methods can bring you the biggest return. 

  1. Use Backlinks

Link building is crucial to a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy. The aim of link building is to place links to your landing page on an external site – preferably a site of authority which receives a lot of hits. Backlinking means more awareness of your website link (and therefore website) and also increases the likelihood of ranking on Google’s top pages. To backlink successfully, you should think carefully regarding the people and companies you want to contact to garner the best interest in your content.

A digital marketing agency like Click Intelligence can provide you with a professional link building service.

  1. Use Video to Your Advantage

Using visuals is a great way to market your business as often visual content has more of an impact than a block of text. If your product or service is especially video-compatible, this medium can be the best way to demonstrate what you have to offer. Having a website offering interesting and entertaining videos, in addition to sharing video content to any social media channels, is an effective way to market your business.

  1. Choose the Best Channels for You

Quantity is not always quality; and if you waste time targeting the wrong people, that’s valuable time lost. Instead, you should think about your target market, and how best to interact with them. If your product or service is designed for other business professionals, for example, then LinkedIn may be more beneficial than Facebook. Likewise, if you have a kids clothing company, Instagram will be better than Twitter.

Do your research to discover where your target consumers mostly hang out, and focus your energy there.

  1. Utilize Email Marketing

Most people nowadays prefer email contact, and having an email marketing strategy gives you the perfect opportunity to collect a contact list of consumers. To increase your list of email marketing subscribers, you could add pop-ups to your website that encourage visitors to subscribe, or you could ask consumers to fill in their contact information when they purchase from you. Do ensure you meet GDPR guidelines, though, if you sell to consumers in the EU.

  1. Create a Consistent Brand Story

In the early days of setting up a new business, it can feel like you’re trying to get a grip on what your business is and how to best interact with customers. However, it’s crucial from day one to know how exactly you want to present your business, and then be consistent with it. There’ll be lessons to learn as you go, and always room to change and grow, but as long as your brand identity and tone of voice remains the same, you will create a secure and dependable business persona.

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