Man Wearing MAGA Hat Arrested for Pouring Bear Repellent Into Crowd of Anti-Trump Protesters in California

A California man was arrested after authorities say he unloaded bear repellent into a crowd of anti-Trump protesters during a scuffle.

David Dempsey, 32, was charged with use of a tear gas weapon, assault with a caustic chemical, and violating parole.

The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. at the Santa Monica Pier, after a group demonstrating against the Trump administration walked from the beach to the pier, Santa Monica Police Sgt. D. Hicks told the Los Angeles Times.

When the protesters arrived at the pier, they were met by supporters of President Trump. Video shows the two groups exchanging insults and taunts before Hicks said, “Everything went to crap.”

The two groups began pushing and shoving each other. Amid the feud, Dempsey, wearing a backwards “Make America Great Again” hat, allegedly pulled the potent repellent from his pants and sprayed a number of the anti-Trump demonstrators. The crowd could be heard screaming, with some yelling, “Help!”

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SOURCE: The Washington Examiner, Zachary Halaschak