Man Jumps to His Death at Grand Canyon Skywalk in Front of Other Visitors

A man jumped from the Grand Canyon on Saturday, plunging to his death in front of other visitors at the Skywalk bridge, an official said Monday. 

The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. when the 28-year-old man climbed over a safety barrier and jumped, a spokesperson for Grand Canyon West said in an email to CBS News. Grand Canyon West is home to the see-through glass bridge which allows guests to get an aerial look at the canyon.

No other guests were in danger, but the Skywalk was immediately closed to the public. The body was recovered Sunday morning and an investigation is ongoing, according to the spokesperson.

“In the aftermath of Saturday’s tragic suicide, our hearts are with everyone impacted: The family of the man who took his own life, our guests and the Grand Canyon West employees on duty Saturday,” Grand Canyon West said in a statement Sunday.

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SOURCE: CBS News, Caitlin O’Kane