Life.Church Releases Live Worship Album Spreading the Awareness of God’s Goodness

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Life.Church released a new live worship album hoping to spread the awareness of God’s goodness.

Life.Church, led by senior pastor Craig Groeschel and responsible for the YouVersion Bible app, is the largest church in the U.S., with over 30 multi-campuses and 85,000 attendees. Its new live 11 song worship album, God So Good, came out on Sep. 20 via DREAM Worship.

God So Good was recorded at the Life.Church Edmond, Oklahoma location and was produced by Pastor JT Murrell, and co-produced by Dameon Aranda and David Wellman. The album  includes songs like “God So Good,” “I Won’t Move,” and radio single, “Where the Spirit of the Lord Is.”

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Worship Pastors JT Murrell and Chris Kuti, where they share about the inspiration behind their content and the message they hope everyone gathers from listening to the melodic tunes which they call “prayers.”

Christian Post: People often hear the phrase, “God so Good,” what do you say to those that might be battling to believe those words because of life’s circumstances?

Kuti: The cover art, if you look at it as the sun and the moon on it, and one of those things that we take for granted is the rising sun and the setting of the same. It’s just the part of the rhythm that we’ve known our entire existence, right? And even more constant is His goodness. Yet, I think we could be so blinded to all the stuff around us that we forget that in every season, that even more constant than the rising sun and the setting of the same is His goodness and His goodness doesn’t just walk beside us, and behind us in tough seasons, but it also goes before us. So really the through-line, I think, through all these songs on the record is the awareness, is waking us up to the awareness of His goodness. Even in seasons like we read in Psalms where David is just crying out to God and it seems as if he doesn’t know the answers, or as if he’s forgotten who his God is amidst the struggle of just life.

Our hope through the whole project is that people would be awoken to the awareness that His goodness is still here. He’s never left you, even when it’s hard to think about Him being good because He feels everything other than good. That’s just the truth of this journey that we walked through in faith.

Murrell: My heart for this song, “God So Good,” there’s a lyric in the bridge that says, “When you make a promise, Jesus, you keep it and I’ll praise your name as long as I’m singing.” So, far from cliche, really the title of the song and the message of the song is to call ourselves into faith and call ourselves into reminding, no matter what the situation is. Chris can tell you as well. We stand on stage as worship leaders and are tasked with leading many, many people in worship and sometimes the things that we say, sometimes the things that we sing in that moment when … it’s not necessarily said or sung in full belief, we have to call ourself into that. The song is that, just put it on and call yourself into faith and trust that through all of your situations and the things that God is really trying show you about Himself, through all of it, just call yourself into reminder that God is good and when He makes a promise, He keeps it!

CP: What comes along with leading one of the largest churches in America?

Kuti: I think it’s in our title and what I want to highlight is not the worship of worship pastor, but the pastor. We cannot get consumed so much by the method of which we’re called to lead. Sure we’re on a stage and we’re singing and for some reason in our day and age we’ve kind of glorified that talent. But let’s not be mistaken, we’re constantly reminding our teams and ourselves … that we are called to pastor people to Jesus, to have a closer relationship, a closer walk with Jesus. That we would put Jesus at the center of our auditoriums and it just so happens that we do that through song.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law

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