Juli Wilson Shares Hope of Heaven and Vows to ‘Finish Our Mission Here on Earth’ One Month After the ‘Pain’ of Husband Jarrid Wilson’s Suicide

Pastor Jarrid Wilson and his wife, Juli

One month after California pastor Jarrid Wilson tragically took his own life, his wife Juli shared her hope of Heaven and said that while the pain of her husband’s death “digs deep,” she will continue to “finish our mission here on earth.”

In an Instagram post Monday, Juli shared a photo from her wedding day and reflected on the whirlwind romance she experienced with Jarrid, who took his life in September after a long battle with depression at just 30 years old.

“It took 2 dates for you to tell me you loved me, and a month for you to get everything lined up to move from CA to TN to marry me. You always, always knew what you wanted, and I always, always knew you wanted me,” she wrote.

“Time is so much slower now without you here,” Juli continued. “Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and now a month goes by and I feel as if I’m staring at sand dripping through an hourglass. The thoughts are never-ending. The pain digs deep. I’ve never had more questions about anything in my life, and that’s mostly because you always had an answer for everything I needed to know. I so wish I could just talk to you right now to clear things up.”

Time is “one of the hardest parts of grief for me,” Juli said, adding: “Every second I’m further from you here on earth, yet closer to being in heaven with you. The in-between is a tough place to be. I find myself staring at our boys wondering how in the world I’m supposed to do this on my own forever. You were so good at this. You were so good at everything.”

Juli admitted she’s “conflicted, confused, hurting” in the wake of her husband’s death, but also “full of hope knowing that God will wipe every tear and right every wrong.”

“Life really is just a vapor, yours just happened to be the sweetest one, so this hurts more than anything I’ve ever felt,” she said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klet