Hungry Hyena Eats Part of the Tail of a Mission Aviation Fellowship Airplane

A hungry hyena ate part of the plane

The tail of the airplane wasn’t just damaged. It had been eaten!

Roger Clark of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) says: “I was in central Mozambique helping with a long inspection of an MAF Cessna 206 when the call came in from the Niassa Game Reserve in the far north of the country, nearly up into Tanzania.

“MAF has long supported conservation work in this, the largest game (animal) reserve in Africa. The Wildlife Conservation Society flies their Cessna 206 in this 42,000 square kilometer reserve, providing anti-poaching and game counting flights. Now their airplane was grounded thanks to a hungry hyena that chewed on the airplane …”

Clark said it was a treat to be back in his old stomping grounds of South Africa, Lesotho, and for the first time, Mozambique.

“MAF Moz has been around for 20 years, serving one of the poorest countries in the world. A country whose flag features an assault rifle, a lingering symbol like the lingering effects the 16-year civil war had on Mozambique’s 30 million people.”

He continued: “Last year I heard that their Cessna 206 was down for a long inspection and had hoped that I could go and help get it done, as they are short staffed, especially short on mechanics.”

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SOURCE: Assist News