How This African Man Went From From Death to Life, Both Physically and Spiritually

Kumalo (left) had been diagnosed with AIDS and had resigned himself to die until workers provided him with food and a new reason to live. GHR photo

Mr. Kumalo* was a thin, fragile man who lived in a small, modest home. His house was empty, devoid of wife and children. It was sparsely furnished with only the barest of necessities, but he welcomed visitors inside as if he lived in a castle.

In his dimly lit abode, the one possession he treasured most wasn’t a family heirloom or a religious icon. It was a homemade bed. Knowing outsiders would not understand its value, he explained its significance: He had lain down to die there several months earlier.

Kumalo had been diagnosed with AIDS. Many of his neighbors in the community were HIV positive, but few had their disease develop into a full-blown case of AIDS. Kumalo was one of the unfortunate ones.

First came the stigma of the disease. Then came the fear and shunning from his neighbors. Finally came the day when his wife packed up their four children with their things and left. Everyone had abandoned him. To make matters worse, his health had failed so badly he couldn’t work his fields. That’s when he lay down to die.

But God saw Kumalo in his need and sent help.

Workers from a local ministry came to visit. They found Kumalo lying in bed, waiting for the inevitable. He was dehydrated and weak from hunger. He could not take his medication because he didn’t have the strength. Without food and nutrition, the medicine would do little good anyway.

The local case workers began to help him. They brought him nutritious food provided by Global Hunger Relief (GHR) funds from the Southern Baptist Convention. They taught him to prepare and eat good, nutritious food every day and encouraged him to take his medication.

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Source: Baptist Press