Guatemalan Megachurch Pastor Carlos “Cash” Enrique Luna Sues Univision for Defamation, Accusing Him of Taking Money from Drug Dealer

Megachurch pastor Carlos Enrique Luna, aka “Cash” Luna, is suing Univision for defamation in a Florida court.

The U.S.-based Spanish television network claimed that Luna worked with and received large sums of money from a drug trafficker named Jorge Mauricio Herrera Bernal.

Last year, Luna—pastor of Casa de Dios (House of God) evangelical church in Guatemala—vehemently denied these claims in a video, calling them false and hurtful.

“Pastor Cash Luna and the ministry Casa de Dios categorically reject the false news that contradicts the ninth commandment: ‘Do not give false testimony against your neighbor’ (Exodus 20:16),” a Facebook post published to Luna’s official account said. “Therefore, he has initiated the process of suing Univision for the report that they transmitted December 2018.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News