Former NFL Star Burgess Owens Says He Opposes Reparations Because It Goes Against Judeo-Christian Principles

Former NFL player and Super Bowl XV champion Burgess Owens explains his opposition to reparations for slavery in a PragerU video uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 30, 2019. | YouTube/PragerU

Former National Football League player Burgess Owens recently expressed opposition to the idea of reparations for slavery, at one point arguing that it goes against Judeo-Christian principles.

The former Super Bowl-winning defensive back, whose great-great-grandfather was a slave, denounced reparations in a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday by the popular conservative channel PragerU.

“Because of work I’ve never done, stripes I’ve never had, under a whip I’ve never known, these progressives want to give me money I’ve never earned,” he says.

“The fact that this money will be forcibly taken from others who also dreamed, worked, and sacrificed for it, I’m told is not my concern. But it is.”

Among his objections to reparations, Owens says “the reparations movement reinforces a view of racial relationships that undermines America’s Judeo-Christian foundation.”

“It defies the ideals of forgiveness and second chances and scorns individual accountability,” Owens continued.

He further argues that proponents of reparations think “black Americans are incapable of carrying their own burdens while white Americans must bear the sins of those who came before them.”

“Proponents do not take into account the majority of white Americans who never owned slaves, who fought to end slavery, or who came to America long after it was ended.”

In recent months, there has been renewed debate in some circles over whether the modern United States should financially compensate the descendants of African American slaves.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski