Family of Canadian Man Suffering from Depression Wants Answers After He Died by Physician-Assisted Suicide

The family of a British Columbia man is seeking answers after a hospital administered physician-assisted suicide for their loved one who was not terminally ill. 

Alan Nichols, 61, was admitted to Chilliwack General Hospital in June after he was found dehydrated and malnourished. He was put to death by injection a month later, CTV News reported last week.

“Days before his death, family members begged Nichols, a former school janitor who lived alone and struggled with depression, not to go through with the procedure. They still don’t know why doctors approved the life-ending procedure and insist that Nichols did not fit the government criteria of facing an ‘imminent death,’ the Canadian news outlet reported.

His brother, Gary Nichols, said: “He didn’t have a life-threatening disease. He was capable of getting around. He was capable of doing almost anything that you had to do to survive.”

“I didn’t think he had a sound mind at all.”

The family is asking the police to investigate the case and have hired a lawyer to determine what happened, with the goal of accessing his medical records.

Alan Nichols reportedly battled various mental and medical challenges throughout his life. In recent years, when something would upset him, he would stop eating and become very depressed. In June, a neighbor noticed that he had stopped opening his curtains and became concerned. When officers entered Nichols’ apartment with the neighbor’s spare key, Nichols was found weak, dehydrated and confused.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter