e3 Partners Launches “No Greater Time” Campaign to Plant 1 Million Churches by 2025

e3 Partners recently launched its fresh No Greater Time campaign. e3’s Marketing Communication Manager Jeff Johnston explains the campaign is all about the urgency of the Gospel. And the ministry wants YOU to join the movement.

“It really stems from 2 Corinthians 6:2, which says ‘Now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation’…What it’s saying is that there is no greater time than right now. There’s no greater time to share the Gospel with someone. There’s no greater time to pray for someone or to pray with someone, to tell someone you love them,” Johnston says.

Vision Behind ‘No Greater Time’ Campaign

God has given e3 the vision to see one million new churches planted worldwide by 2025. To help achieve this, the campaign has sub-themes: No Greater JourneyNo Greater StoryNo Greater Mission. Each theme digs into the supporting elements of the campaign to reach e3’s 2025 vision.

“There’s no greater time to share the story of Jesus. There’s no greater time to go on a journey to spread the hope and love of Christ. There’s no better time to get involved with the mission of spreading the Gospel to every person everywhere,” Johnston says.

Along with living into the mindset of No Greater Time, the campaign also presents an opportunity for financial impact. Planting one million churches is going to take tangible resources.

These resources help support training that will equip people to share the Gospel using a variety of strategies. It also means supporting people called to long-term work in ministry, national leaders e3 partners with in-country, and various programs e3 provides.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn