Deaf Bible Translation Sees Progress in Four Eurasian Sign Languages

Political and cultural lines divide nations and continents, but Eurasia is the world’s single largest landmass. It contains roughly 65-percent of the world’s 7 billion people, including millions of Deaf who have no access to God.

Deaf Bible Society is changing this through sign language Bible translation. Mike Brabo, Eurasia Field Coordinator for DBS, says they could use your help.

“Ask God how you may be part of the solution by providing funds and prayer… until all the Deaf in Eurasia shall see the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be able to grow in their faith and walk with God.”

Support sign language Bible translation in Eurasia through DBS.

Bible translation work in Eurasia

Deaf Bible Society funds and distributes Bible content in more than 25 sign languages. See the full list here. None of the world’s 400+ sign languages has a complete Bible, but DBS is working towards a global goal: God’s Word in Every Sign Language.

Deaf teams in Eurasia are currently translating God’s Word into four sign languages:

Brabo says they have more in mind for 2020, and it all begins with outreach. “We (Field Coordinators) make contact with Deaf Christians in a specific country to determine their interest,” he explains.

“As these conversations and the relationships develop, we then begin discussing [how to establish] a sign language Bible translation in their native language.”

A common assumption also presents a significant test for Deaf translators, Brabo adds.

“Probably the greatest challenge out there is the perception of the larger community that Deaf people are unable to accomplish much, that they’re just not able to accomplish anything – including translating the Word of God.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth