Daniel Warnock on This Spiritual Discipline Will Reignite Your Hunger for God

We live in a culture that has positioned feelings front and center, to the point where it seems as though they are now dictating our choices. This is not a good thing and I believe it’s affecting how we do relationship with the Lord.

As someone who would call himself a “feeler”—you know, the creative and spontaneous type, my greatest battle has been learning how to let my feelings inform and not lead my decisions.

One particular area where I have felt this most keenly has been in my relationship with the Lord. I would wager that this core part of your life will be the area you feel most contention over. If the enemy can keep you away from God—your life source—then you’re a dead man (or woman) walking.

A great litmus test for you to see if you’re being led by your emotions is if you know you should be spending more time with the Lord but your internal response is, “I’m just not feeling it right now,” and therefore don’t.

I have to hold my hand up and say that I’ve been one of those people and my excuses are a well-worn path. There’s always another episode of a favorite show, reading another chapter of a gripping book or, falling—willingly—down the YouTube hole.

More often than not those excuses are a façade for a deeper reason for avoiding God. You’re afraid of what He might say. You’re afraid of what He won’t say. You’re afraid He won’t say anything at all. Or, most frequently, just don’t feel like spending time with Him.

Whatever it might be, it all just feels like hard work and a waste of time and the outcome is the same: you don’t spend time with the Lord.

I’m a runner. I went for my first real run in Michigan, in the dead of winter, because I was going stir crazy at home. I ran maybe a mile and a half before stopping through tiredness and because it was freezing.

Nearly twelve years later I am still a runner and I absolutely love it. However, if you were to tell me on that cold winters day in Michigan, as I walked back into the house, that running would become a passion of mine then I would have laughed at you.

I’m sure that there is something in your life you’re passionate about, like reading, playing an instrument, rock climbing, cooking, the list could go on, and if you go back to day one the experience was probably not that glorious.

For me the enjoyment of running came once I’d developed my leg muscles and built up stamina. Once I had that, running four or five miles at a time was pretty easy and it became a joy to do. Yes, of course, there were times when it was hard going but the feeling afterward—known as runner’s high—and the sense of accomplishment was well worth the time and effort.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Daniel Warnock

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