Compassion International Sponsored Children, Staff Unhurt by Haiti Protests

Protests continue in Haiti as demonstrators call for the President’s ouster. Thousands rallied in the streets last week and several people died.

The following updates came from UN officials yesterday in a daily press briefing:

Our colleagues report that the health sector is probably the most impacted, with hospitals facing significant challenges. Fuel shortages, lack of safe water and other essentials are also affecting orphanages, civil protection units and other emergency services…

Many schools have been closed for the past 2 weeks, leaving an estimated 2 million children and young people without any access to education.

Compassion Internationals national director says no staff or sponsored kids have been hurt by the ongoing unrest. Praise God for this good news, but please continue praying for Haiti.

Learn more about Compassion’s work in Haiti here.

What’s going on in Haiti?

Chronic fuel and food shortages, along with corruption and economic insecurity, are reportedly driving the current unrest but protests are nothing new in Haiti. Guilbaud Saint-Cyr, Compassion’s Haiti Director, says Compassion staff were prepared for the “lock-down.”

“Last year, we had the same situation; people were asking for the president to go,” Saint-Cyr says.

“Since that time, we [provided] laptops and [Internet] connectivity to most of our staff so they could work [from home].”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth