Cedarville University Receives $10 Million Gift

On the site of the future Lorne C. Scharnberg Business Center, Thomas White, president of Cedarville University (left) stands with Lorne C. Scharnberg and Mark Scharnberg. Cedarville University photo

Cedarville University received the largest financial commitment in its 132-year history Monday (Oct. 7) when Mark Scharnberg, a 1997 graduate, pledged $10 million on behalf of his family and their companies Katecho, Inc. and Surmasis Pharmaceuticals of Des Moines, Iowa. The gift was in honor of Scharnberg’s father, Lorne C. Scharnberg.

The gift was announced as a surprise to the senior Scharnberg during the president’s annual State of the University chapel address in the Friday morning. Lorne Scharnberg was in attendance to receive Cedarville’s prestigious medal of honor, celebrating his significant contributions to the institution and his 25 years of service on the Cedarville Board of Trustees. Scharnberg is just the 14th recipient of the medal, the last recipient being Rev. Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and son of the late Billy Graham, in 2012.

Following the awarding of the Medal of Honor, the president revealed the $10 million gift and announced that the new business building — one of six major building projects in the university’s 10-year campus master plan — would be named in honor of Scharnberg, who was described as “a faithful dad, beloved grandparent, innovative business owner, and tireless advocate for Cedarville.”

“Today I am thrilled to announce that our new school of business building will be named the Lorne C. Scharnberg Business Center,” said Cedarville President Thomas White. “For years to come, there will be a stone of remembrance on this campus to celebrate all that Lorne Scharnberg and his family have done to further the mission and vision of Cedarville University. For years to come, future generations of business leaders will be trained to use their gifts for God’s glory, the good of mankind and for their joy.”

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Source: Baptist Press