California Woman Who Livestreamed 2017 Car Crash That Killed Her 14-Year-Old Sister is Arrested Again After Crashing While Trying to Escape Police While on Parole

Obdulia Sanchez’s mugshot was released by Stockton Police Department

A California woman on parole after serving a sentence for driving drunk while livestreaming a crash that killed her younger sister was arrested Thursday after crashing a car during a police pursuit, officials said.

Officers arrested Obdulia Sanchez, 20, on weapons and traffic charges and a parole violation, said Officer Joe Silva, a Stockton Police Department spokesman.

Officers tried to stop Sanchez for a vehicle code violation, but she did not pull over. She crashed near a highway on-ramp and was arrested. A man traveling with her escaped, Silva said.

“The arresting officers saw she was on parole and was driving on a revoked driver’s license,” Silva said.

Last year, Sanchez was sentenced to six years and four months in prison for driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter after her 14-year-old sister Jacqueline died in the 2017 crash.

Jacqueline Sanchez (above) was killed when she was thrown out the window of her sister’s car in a 2017 crash

Prosecutors said Sanchez was livestreaming on Instagram while driving when she crashed. The video showed her taking her hands off the steering wheel.

The car driven by Sanchez veered onto the shoulder of a road in Los Banos, about 100 miles south of San Francisco.

Authorities say she overcorrected, causing the vehicle to swerve and overturn, ejecting and killing Jacqueline.

Sanchez, who had a blood alcohol level of 0.1 per cent according to Merced County District Attorney Harold Nutt and hospital records, lost control of the car outside Los Banos and sent it crashing through a fence, at which point Jacqueline went flying out the back window.

That is when Sanchez made the decision to get her phone and begin livestreaming once again, capturing her bloodied sister as she died.

She was seen in a field near the crashed vehicle, looking into the camera and saying: ‘Everybody, if I go to … jail for life you already know why.’

Jacqueline was seen lifeless on the ground with clear signs of head trauma.

‘My sister is … dying. Look … I … love my sister to death,’ Sanchez continued, adding: ‘Jacqueline, please wake up.’

She then started kissing her sister’s face.

‘I f**king love my sister to death. I don’t give a f**k. We about to die. This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us but it just did,’ said Sanchez, who also had blood covering her face.

Sanchez later explained to police that even though she was livestreaming, she did stop the video twice to call 911 and get help.

During one of those calls, Sanchez said to the operator: ‘Can you come pick up my sister, she is f**king dead. Man, I just crashed and I was DUI . Can you please come pick us up?’

At her sentencing in February, Sanchez said: ‘I’m so sorry, if I could take her place, I would. My negligence killed my sister. I was stupid, immature, and irresponsible.’

She was released from prison last month after serving two years and two months.

State corrections department spokeswoman Terri Hardy said Sanchez received credit for the time she spent in jail before she was sentenced. Her sentence was also reduced under California law for good behavior with credits for various rehabilitation programs.

SOURCE: The Associated Press