Atatiana Jefferson’s Life Must Be Honored So This Community Can Start Healing

Dallas Morning News Editorial

To all the terrible turns in the killing of Atatiana Jefferson, fatally shot by a Fort Worth police officer, now is added a heartbreaking family dispute over who had the right to bury her.

The ugly drama saw her original funeral stopped by a temporary restraining order a day before her services, then finally rescheduled for Thursday at a third announced church after family members on both sides appeared in court.

We’re relieved that at least this part of this tragic case has been settled. Someone decided that this isn’t a battle worth continued fighting. It’s time to get on with honoring this woman’s life so this community can start the long process of healing.

We’re not here to take sides in this dispute. We don’t know what was discussed in this closed hearing before Probate Court Judge Brenda Hull Thompson, and she’s wisely issued a gag order to prevent the parties from talking.

We know that Marquis Jefferson was granted a temporary restraining order saying he was Atatiana Jefferson’s father and was left out of the planning for the funeral that other family members had set.

Under the best of circumstances, when a loved one is senselessly killed emotions run high as families deal with their unspeakable grief. And when it’s a death like Jefferson’s – a 28-year-old shot through a window after she had been playing video games with her nephew in her own home – that extends to the whole community.

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Source: Dallas Morning News