5,000 Christians Meet in Jerusalem to Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles and Show Support in Israel

At least 5,000 Christians from 100 countries took part in the “March of Nations” at this year’s Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles, in Jerusalem. The parade, which had around 10,000 participants, was one of the main events of the feast, traditionally called “The Season of Our Joy.” Breaking Israel News (BIN) reports that the event was “the largest Christian gathering in Israel this year and the largest solidarity mission to Israel of 2019.”

“The whole world is learning that the Gentiles can come celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with the people of Israel,” David Parsons said, according to the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). Parsons is the media spokesperson for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), the organization that sponsored the feast. Said Parsons, “They want to come see the modern miracle of Israel which the Bible talked about.”

The Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem

The Feast of Tabernacles runs from October 13th through October 20th and contributes roughly $18 to $20 million to the economy. The first day of the feast featured a concert and outdoor meal at the Ein Gedi oasis, and the closing session was a prayer vigil at the Tower of David. Throughout the week, there were opportunities to hear speakers, take part in worship, and visit famous biblical sites. Thursday, the day of the parade, included children’s activities, fair stalls, song and dance performances, and an aerial acrobatics show.

The municipality of Jerusalem funded and organized the march, which traveled through the main streets and historic neighborhoods of the city. The parade had quite a bit of variety, including “collector cars, marching bands, flag-bearers, dance groups, IDF [Israel Defense Forces] soldiers, street artists, inflatable characters, performers and sports teams.”

Marchers carried signs and wore buttons with phrases like, “We stand with Israel” and “We love you Israel.” Evangelical Christians from the Philippines participated in the march, and Cameroon, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Albania, Australia, and Fiji were just some of the other countries represented.

Pastor M. Moran Rao, who is from India, said that he and his wife came to the feast “because we love Israel, we are friends of Israel, we stand with Israel, and we support Israel.” He believes the Bible teaches the importance of this support: “In the Bible, it says to pray for the peace of Israel, and if you bless Israel, you will be blessed.”

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Source: Church Leaders