25-Year-Old Minnesota Runner Wearing ‘Jesus Saves’ Bib is Saved by Nurse Named Jesus After He Suffered a Heart Attack and Collapsed During Marathon

Pictured: Bueno (left) and Moon (right) meeting after the the incident

When a Minnesota man decided to wear a ‘Jesus Saves’ bib for a marathon run, he probably didn’t expect the message to be quite so literal when his heart gave out.

Tyler Moon, a logistics worker at General Mills form Eden Prairie, entered the Medtronic TC 10 Mile in Minneapolis.

Moon, who had seen his fiance’s brother run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon the year before, decided to sign up for a marathon this time around.

On October 6, Moon took his place at the start line with the several other athletes who would compete in the endurance run.

He told Pioneer Press: ‘I was feeling great that day. I was pretty excited to get up and do it. I’d been looking forward to it for a really long time.’

On his bib, where a runner’s name would usually go, Moon had the phrase ‘Jesus Save’ in bold letters.

Pictured: Runners and medical service crews providing moon with CPR and other
Pictured: Moon’s marathon bib that has the phrase ‘Jesus Saves’ after Moon collapsed during the eighth mile of the run

He told Fox News: ‘So, before the race, my name was originally on the bib. One day I got a thought – I thought it was from God and that it should be a profession of faith — and changed it to ‘Jesus Saves,’ so that another runner or someone in the audience would see it … that Jesus saves us for eternity.’

His parents and his fiancee Amy Greene -whom he will marry in January – cheered him on from the sidelines.

Moon is a former college football player and unsurprisingly his athleticism was shining through.

Amy Greene (left), who is marrying Moon in January, was at the marathon race when her fiance suffered the heart attack

He was running eight-minute miles, but he reportedly knows this because it was recorded on his watch that tracked his progress.

Moon doesn’t remember anything after the first mile.

When he reached Summit Avenue in St. Paul, crossing into the threshold of his eighth, something went wrong.

Moon’s heart began to beat irregularly and for a scary 10 seconds his heart stopped pumping blood.

He collapsed on the ground with a heart attack, suffering a concussion, fractured bones on the left side of his face and scraped up the left side of his body.

It would later be revealed the 25-year-old experienced ventricular tachycardia, which can cause cardiac arrest at its worst.

Miraculously, Jesus was right behind him.

Jesus ‘Jesse’ Bueno, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, was running behind Moon and saw the man drop to the ground.

He ran beside Moon and instructed someone to call 911 as he searched for a pulse in Moon.

Bueno (pictured) was running behind Moon when the incident occurred and rushed to save him

It was hard to tell because Bueno’s own pulse was beating so fast.

‘We’ve got to start CPR,’ he told a co-worker who was also running in the race.

Bueno began to breathe for Moon while his co-worker performed chest compressions for five to 15 minutes.

Bueno continued to help as authorities arrived and placed the defibrillator patches on Moon’s chest to shock him back to life.

Moon was taken to the Regions Hospital and Bueno finished the race in a state of shock.

Bueno said: ‘It was surreal. I thought, “Did that just really happen?”‘

Meanwhile, Greene and Moon’s parents began walking to the finish line because they thought they missed Moon run by.

Greene told Kare 11: ‘It was a lot. It was a lot’

Pictured: Bueno (left) and Moon (right) meeting after the the incident

Authorities called Green on her phone and escorted them to the hospital.

Moon is recovering from the incident and, thankfully, doctors say the heart attack was most likely an anomaly.

Moon, his family and Greene are thankful for Bueno and medical workers who stepped in.

‘We’re just happy God had it happen where it did, where there were all these wonderful people that stepped up.’

‘Like I’ve said, I went for a run, then all of a sudden, a bunch of strangers saved my life.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Lauren Edmonds