‘You Can’t Hide Forever!’ New British PM Boris Johnson Vents His Fury at ‘Yellow Belly’ Jeremy Corbyn as MPs Block His Bid for Snap Election Again – Before Shutting Parliament for Five Weeks and Saying He Will Not Extend Brexit Past Oct 31 Despite Remainer Law

Boris Johnson shut down Parliament for five weeks tonight after humiliatingly losing his latest bid to trigger a snap election. The PM (pictured centre) accused ‘yellow belly’ Jeremy Corbyn (top right) and Remainers of ‘conniving to delay Brexit’ – jibing that they ‘can’t hide forever’ from the people’s verdict. After the result, he vowed that he will defy the ‘device’ of the new Remainer law against No Deal and stick to his ‘do or die’ vow to get the UK out by October 31. Mr Johnson said opposition parties had decided they ‘know better’ than the public. He insisted he would go to an EU summit on October 17 and ‘strive to get an agreement in the national interest… this government will not delay Brexit any further’. The brutal attack came as Mr Johnson again failed to gain enough support in the Commons for a snap poll. He fell well short of the required two-thirds of MPs – 434 – with backing from just 293 (chart left). It was the sixth full division in a row that the PM had lost, as he endures a baptism of fire. Parliament is now being prorogued until mid-October – meaning a national vote is highly unlikely to happen before mid-November.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail