When You Think You’ll Ruin a Relationship if You Share the Gospel

We all know people who don’t know Christ, but if I share the gospel with them will I ruin our relationship?

Sadly, most Christians know people whom they’ve never told about Christ.

If I Share the Gospel, What Will Happen?

One of the main reasons why many people don’t share the Gospel is because they are afraid that if they do, they will ruin their relationship with that person.

They enjoy their friendship, and they think that if they tell them the truth, they will no longer have the same type of relationship as before. Or perhaps they feel like it just isn’t time yet to open up and share the Gospel, and don’t want to burn the bridges for later on when that person might be a little more ready and willing to listen.

I know that every situation is different and that it takes a lot of wisdom, but generally speaking, I think that Christians wait too long to share the Gospel with loved ones. I want to encourage you to consider the following points to see if these are reasons why you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, and if they are, I encourage you to overcome your fear and to obey Christ by sharing Him with your friend.

I am not guaranteed tomorrow so why worry about what will happen if I share the gospel?

There is a presumption in thinking that a person is or is not ready to listen. That is, that you, through your winsomeness, can lead a person over time to be more ready and more likely to accept the Gospel. God is in charge of drawing people to Himself, and we can’t possibly know who is closer or further away from God. We also cannot know if we or the other person will be alive tomorrow. Of course, we trust God’s sovereignty in this, but when it comes to sharing the Gospel with those God has sovereignly put in our lives, we need to do it today, not only because God has called us to be faithful in this area, but because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

It is prideful of us to think that we will be able to detect when a person is more likely to accept Christ, oftentimes if we are unwilling to share the gospel now we will be unwilling to later as well. Share the Gospel today, because that’s what we have been called to do. As Paul said, now is the acceptable time, today is the day of salvation!

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Source: Church Leaders