Warning: Vile and Profane Language – WATCH: Homosexual “Pastor” Threatens to Expose Down-low Homosexual Pastors in Atlanta for Criticizing Him for Coming Out as Gay

BCNN1 has tried very hard to warn churches of the demonic homosexual agenda to do damage to the church for years now. The videos below show why. There are many churches that have not heeded our warning and that of others and now they are filled with these demon-possessed and vile individuals even in the pulpit.

***WARNING: Extremely vile and profane language is used by “Pastor” Tom Anderson in the first video posted below. In the second video with him and Larry Reid, there is some vile and profane language used but not much.***

For years, we have refrained from running such videos on our site, but now we want the whole church—both the true church and the false church—and the world to see that these homosexuals are demon-possessed and if you cross them their vindictive spirit will try to tear down the entire church. This is why pastors need to stop putting homosexuals in positions of leadership and letting practicing homosexuals become members of the church. By the way, apparently some pastors are not aware that there is a homosexual posse whose members have had connections with churches in the past who are now searching and investigating all pastors claiming to be against the abomination of homosexuality to see if they are secret homosexuals themselves or if they are otherwise compromised with the sins of adultery, fornication, etc.

– BCNN1 editors