Top Housing Discrimination Essay Topics for Your ‘Black Lives Matter’ Week of Action

Summer is over and soon you’ll come back to school or college to continue your educational quest. Though we’re majoring in different disciplines, there’s something all students have in common. We often find ourselves hard-pressed to write lots of assignments and create numerous projects that require much effort and time we merely don’t have. To complicate matters, we need to write research papers on topics that seemingly don’t pertain to our primary field of expertise. Believe us, almost all students read Shakespeare, study Descartes’ philosophy, and write essays about fashion industry trends. Still, there are topics and problems we have no right to ignore and therefore, need to revisit over and over again to change our lives for the better. Among such topics are racial discrimination, racial profiling, stereotyping, and other things that, much to our regret, still persist. Presently, lots of educational institutions hold so-called weeks of action, during which students commemorate events and take actions directed against perpetuating flawed practices and erroneous thinking. And ‘Black Lives Matter’ is one of the most popular. So, should you find yourself eager to make your own contribution in tackling the problem of racial discrimination, you may come up with a fascinating essay on this or a similar theme. With housing discrimination being a pressing problem in today’s society, we suggest that you take a look at and consider enlarging on the topics listed below. And for more inspiration, you may rely on black lives matter essay samples provided courtesy of

The Civil Rights Act of 1866

Just imagine a situation where you, a respected and successful realtor, show a dream house to a Chinese couple. Your potential buyers are sweet, intelligent, and ready to buy a house. You’re about to sell it to them, but, all of a sudden, you find out that there’s a document which prohibits selling property to people of Chinese nationality.

Needless to say, nowadays such a situation seems absurd and highly discriminative. There’s no such document of course, and people are free to buy any property on the market regardless of their sex, race, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation. Still, it wasn’t the case in the not so distant past.

It’s shameful to admit but it hadn’t been until 1866 that people of color could buy and sell homes freely. There was unfair housing discrimination of African Americans who were unable to buy houses or live in predominantly white neighborhoods. Fortunately, the civil rights movement pushed for positive changes and Congress of the United States passed the act that finally put an end to housing discrimination. According to the new legislation, all people who were born in the US were considered citizens and thus enjoyed equal rights. Consequently, preventing American citizens from purchasing or selling property was deemed illegal. As of 1866, Americans began to enjoy the same civil rights regardless of their race, belief, color, and previous servitude and got a chance to buy any home on the market.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was a considerable breakthrough in the real estate sphere. Realtors received a chance to expand their business and opened the doors of new homes to usher in democracy, equality, tolerance, and other virtues praised in Christianity. Be sure to mention that in your essay!

Racial Steering

Though we strive to uphold democratic ideals and do our best to combat the remnants of racial discrimination, some people continue perpetrating acts of discrimination, housing discrimination, in particular. Though the participants in the civil rights movement crusaded to demonstrate the negative effect of discrimination, some chose to remain deaf to those pleas.

Not all realtors are willing to promote equality in the real estate sphere and engage in what’s called racial steering. Such brokers tend to pay attention to their clients’ race rather than their housing preferences and specifications. As a result, agents may advise potential customers to purchase property in particular neighborhoods based on their race or, to the contrary, dissuade them from doing so. Needless to say, such practice undermines democratic principles and tramples on the ideals advocated by the civil rights movement. Make sure to research this problem thoroughly in your essay and prove that you’ll never become part of the system corroding fundamental constitutional principles.

How Real Estate Contributes to Segregation Today

Though this topic echoes with the previous one, you may also want to develop it in your paper.

I so happened that majority-black and majority-Hispanic neighborhoods have just three real estate agents per neighborhood, while their predominantly white counterparts have 15 agents. Experts note that such a ratio is anything but arbitrary. Truth be told, working in Asian and white neighborhoods is more remunerative for a realtor than in black or Hispanic neighborhoods, where home values are almost half the price of their more prestigious counterparts. Real estate agents merely don’t want to work with insolvent or “poor” clients and thus produce housing inequality and segregation. It’s a good idea to discuss this topic in-depth in your essay and offer your solutions to this pressing issue.

We have listed only some of the most popular topics you may want to cover in your essays pertaining to the civil rights movement, housing segregation, civil rights violations, and lots of others. You can brainstorm more ideas and come up with your own topics, as well!