TeachBeyond Equips People with a Heart for Education to be Teachers

Around the world, students are waiting to be taught, but where are the teachers?

An Unmatched Need

David Durance with TeachBeyond says that even in the last two years, they’ve had a decline in teachers coming out of North America who were ready to be placed around the world. “One of the things that we see as a major challenge for us is matching the ever growing need globally with a smaller number of US and Canadian teachers that are willing to come serve.”

Unfortunately, TeachBeyond is not the only group noticing the trend. Even in public schools in the United States, fewer and fewer candidates are applying for jobs.

But Why?

There are many reasons. Gap years between schooling and work are gaining popularity. Some college graduates with take non-traditional instructing roles. Overall, there may be fewer people pursuing degrees as teachers. In response, TeachBeyond is taking new steps to help people passionate about transformational education get their credentials.

Durance says, “TeachBeyond sees an opportunity to provide a lot of this equipping as teachers come to us, as members come to us that have a heart for education and maybe don’t have the license or the education. And it provides TeachBeyond the opportunity to actually provide the education to equip them to provide the teaching service that we’re looking [for] around the world.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert