Save the Persecuted Christians is Raising Awareness to the Violence Pastors and Priests in Mexico Face

Alfrery Lictor Cruz Canseco (Facebook)

The latest casualty in the scourge of deadly violence against members of the clergy in Mexico is a pastor who was shot following a Sunday church service.

Several weeks ago, Charisma News reported that Pastor Alfrery Líctor Cruz Canseco was sitting in his car outside Fraternidad Cristiana church in the town of Tlalixtac de Cabrera in Oaxaca state when he was shot at point-blank range. He died while being transported to a local hospital.

“Priests are at grave risk in Mexico as well as in Colombia, yet little attention is being paid to how grave the situation regarding criminal gangs targeting Mexican priests and pastors has become,” said Dede Laugesen, executive director of Save the Persecuted Christians. “Our hope and prayer is to raise awareness among Christians about these deadly attacks so they can advocate on behalf of the priests and pastors and urge that the criminals carrying out the violence be held accountable.”

Save the Persecuted Christians, which advocates on behalf of hundreds of millions of Christians facing heavy persecution worldwide, also raises awareness about endangered clergy in Mexico through the “The People of the Cross” exhibit, a series of vertical traveling banners that details Christian persecution in various countries around the world. The exhibit’s panel on Mexico reports that, until recently, priests didn’t even have the right to vote. As secular ideology flourishes and its populace elects socialist leaders, Mexico is increasingly hostile to religious expression.

“Often corrupt and violent, Mexico has become one of the most dangerous places for clergy,” the Mexico panel reads. “Drug-gangs ruthlessly murder priests and pastors, and indigenous leaders attack converts to Christianity, often without fear of arrest.”

Christian Solidarity Worldwide also reported that Pastor Cruz Canseco’s recent killing comes on the heels of a series of attacks that has targeted religious leaders in the region. Among these attacks was the kidnapping of Pastor Aarón Méndez Ruiz, who ran a shelter for Cuban immigrants in Nuevo Laredo and was abducted in early August.

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SOURCE: Charisma News