Sad: Almost 7% of Women Say Their First Sexual Experience Was Involuntary, Happened During Their Teens, and the Perpetrator was Often Several Years Older

A new JAMA study revealed that the first sexual experience for 1 out of 16 women was forced or they were coerced into having intercourse in their early teens. The study further revealed that almost half of those women interviewed said they were held down and slightly more than half said they were verbally pressured to have sex against their will. The study does not use the word rape when asking the women surveyed about forced sex.

According to the Associated Press, Dr. Laura Hawks, an internist and Harvard Medical School researcher, is reported as saying, “Any sexual encounter (with penetration) that occurs against somebody’s will is rape. If somebody is verbally pressured into having sex, it’s just as much rape.” She goes on to say, “Experiencing rape at first sexual encounter is an extreme loss of autonomy over one’s sexuality.”

A journal editorial study has revealed, and Dr. Hawks is in agreement with the results, that long-term effects of sexual assault may lead to mental and physical health problems, social isolation, feelings of powerlessness, stigmatization, poor self-image, risky behavior, and depression.

The #MeToo Movement is taking a strong stance against such violence; they are making the voice of victimized women heard.

– Eve Hemingway