Pregnancy Clinic in Texas is on a Mission to End Abortion Through Ministry

Texas is the state where the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v Wade originated and now a medical clinic in San Antonio is working to end it using a different approach.

Each morning at Life Choices Medical Clinic, members of the staff begin their day in the Word of God.

“Romans 3:23, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” reads clinic Director Charity Farrar from her phone.

“Our sin caused a rift between us and Him. Without the sacrifice of Christ, you would have no restored relationship with God,” she continues while standing alongside her staff of 16 around a conference table.

The women worship and praise.

“We finished abortion recovery with Angela and she – she’s healed,” announces a staff member.

Their devotion and prayer time prepare them for a calendar full of chances to save lives.

“Is she abortion-minded?” asks Ferrar about one of their appointments later in the day.

“Yes,” is the response.

They join hands to pray and give the day to God.

“First we pray, oh God, that she will keep her divine appointment today at 1:00. That she would see that this is a child and not a product of conception and that she will give this child life. Father we pray for life for this child,” prays Ferrar as her colleagues chime in, “Yes, Jesus.”

Ready for Anything

The professionals at Life Choices Medical Clinic never know what needs they’ll be asked to meet.

“Sometimes it’s practical, sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes it’s emotional,” explains Penne Jaster, a Family Nurse Practitioner at the clinic.

“It’s wonderful being in that we have the freedom to share our faith – it’s by no means coercive but where we can live like human-to-human and really connect with patients,” Jaster says with a smile.

Giving Women Something To Hold On To

Ferrar says when she started at the clinic nearly ten years ago it was great at handing out diapers to families in need, but when they started offering medical care to women and eventually men, their influence multiplied.

“This room here is our ultrasound room,” she shows CBN News on a tour of the clinic.

“God does amazing things in this room,” she explains.

At this clinic, women can get a pregnancy test, a free ultrasound to see pictures of their baby, prenatal care, and free counseling all within a few steps down a hallway.

“Our goal, really, at the clinic is to make sure they know they’re fully supported throughout their pregnancy,” says Jaster.

“That’s sometimes a big help if they’re choosing between life and termination knowing that they have that continuity of care gives then a secure feeling,” adds Ferrar.

They even offer testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

“If they’re here for STI testing and treatment then we talk to them about that and what are their risks and the exposure that they have and what can we do to prevent that and oh, by the way, what does God say about all of this?” Ferrar says.

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Source: CBN