Police in South Korea Launch Investigation After Doctor Performed Abortion on Wrong Woman

Police in South Korea have opened an investigation after a doctor performed an abortion on the wrong patient.

On August 7, a woman who was six weeks pregnant went to a clinic in the district of Gangseo, in the country’s capital Seoul, and because of a medical mix-up and a failure to confirm her identity, had her pregnancy wrongfully terminated, according to a report from CNN.

The woman had actually gone into the clinic for a checkup and a nutritional shot. But a nurse, who failed to check the woman’s medical information, injected her with anesthesia and the physician aborted the wrong patient’s unborn child.

A police official told CNN both the doctor and the nurse “have acknowledged their fault.” The pregnant woman — a Vietnamese national — did not realize she had undergone an abortion until she started bleeding the day after the termination.

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SOURCE: Faithwire