Pentatonix Singer Matt Sallee on Why His Goal is to Bring Glory to God Despite Fame and How He is Seeing God ‘Break Down’ Hollywood as More Celebrities Share Their Faith

For Pentatonix singer Matt Sallee, faith has always been front and center when it comes to his music career. 

The son of a music pastor, Sallee grew up singing in church for as long as he can remember.

“I would sit next to my dad with the organ and I would sing for the church where I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland,” the 25-year-old bass singer recalled during an interview with The Christian Post. “I was involved in youth ministry and in high school ministry — my walk with God was a constant and consistent.”

But while attending Berklee College Boston, Sallee experienced what he called a “crisis of faith.”

“I thought God was going to provide a church just like my home church, and when that didn’t happen, I was upset and thought God was upset with me,” he admitted. “The enemy used people to scar me because I have the biggest heart for people. I had a difficult three-and-a-half years feeling like I was doing everything on my own.”

Yet, while performing at local concert venues and weddings, Sallee couldn’t help but feel God’s presence around him. “I would always have these dreams as a little kid where I would be performing on stages, and those dreams turned out to be visions,” he said. “Even at my lowest point, I knew God was preparing me for something greater and wanted to use my talent for His glory.”

“I knew God would use me,” he added, “and when God’s hand is on something, it can’t fall.”

Feeling a void in his life, Sallee rededicated his life to Christ halfway through college: “We were created for worship, and I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to worshiping the One who created me,” he said. “Even when I thought I was distant, I couldn’t be too distant from Him. I love Him too much; I crave being in His presence.”

In 2017, Sallee joined Pentatonix; a three-time Grammy Award-winning and multi-Platinum-selling acapella group that has sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide. Joining the secular entertainment industry, Sallee said, has allowed him to share his faith in profound ways.

“I do meet powerful people in the entertainment industry, and I’ve been able to minister to quite a few people,” he said.

God, Sallee emphasized, is “breaking down” the idea that celebrities can’t use their platforms to share their faith.

“You get into this entertainment industry, and you think, ‘I can’t be Justin Bieber and a Christian,’ but when you look at it, he’s leading worship more than most artists. I believe God is breaking down that mold and stigma like never before.”

Still, Sallee acknowledged that the entertainment industry can be “lonely,” adding, “It can be easy to get disillusioned; it can feel like people are always wanting or needing something from you.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett