Natalie Grant Encourages Mothers Not to Body Shame Their Children Because It Can ‘Destroy Your Child’

Award-winning Christian singer Natalie Grant used her platform this week to admonish mothers who body shame their children. 

The “Clean” singer took her message to Instagram Wednesday where she described an encounter she had at her doctor’s office with her daughter, Sadie, who was there for her annual checkup. Grant said her 8-year-old daughter stepped onto the scale to take her weight and height and then stepped off to go into an examination room. Then another mother walked in with her daughter who stepped onto the scale to take her weight.

“This [teenage] girl gets on the scale and her mom, loudly, so that everybody could hear, goes, ‘Woah, you’re getting up there, oh my word,’” Grant said, describing what she witnessed.

Grant said she was so upset she felt like “punching” the mom.

“When I looked at that beautiful teenage girl, when I looked at her face that was just covered in shame, she just wanted to disappear,” Grant said. “We were leaving and I just said [to her] I hope you know how beautiful you are, I mean you ARE so beautiful!”

The soulful singer described how shocked she was to see how a comment like that could rip someone apart. She then decided to use her post as a public service announcement for moms on how they speak to their children, especially in public.

“Moms, we have to do better than that. I am not a perfect mom, I make so many mistakes every single day. But I’m telling you, that is not going to be one of them,” Grant declared.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law