Michael Brown on Why Does Separation of Church and State Only Go One Way?

Let’s put aside for a moment that the current idea of “separation of church and state” is not what the Founding Fathers (specifically, Thomas Jefferson) intended. I simply want to make an observation. When liberals quote the Bible to support their views, nobody bats an eyelash (aside from conservatives raising charges of hypocrisy). When conservatives quote the Bible to support their views, liberals howl, “Separation of church and state!”

But this has been the pattern for years. Christian faith on the left is praiseworthy. Christian faith on the right is dangerous.

Think back to the 1988 president elections, when both Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson ran for president.

In September, 1987, The New York Times announced, “Robertson Quits as Baptist Minister.”

He did this in order to run as president, thereby making clear he was not doing so a gospel minister but simply as another citizen of the United States.

In contrast, Jesse Jackson continued to be known as “The Rev. Jesse Jackson.” No problem at all! No conflict, no confusion, no issue.

It’s the same until this day.

For years now, Senator Ted Cruz, along with other, conservative Christian candidates, are accused of holding to dominion theology, meaning, they want to impose a Christian theocracy on the nation.

Is there even a shred of evidence for this? Not a chance.

But why should that stop the fearmongers who cry out, “Separation of church and state!”

In contrast, Mayor Pete Buttigieg can quote the Bible to his heart’s content to support his immigration (and other) policies, and that’s perfectly fine. No concern for separation of church and state here.

What happens when conservative Christians quote Scriptures to support their views on abortion or same-sex “marriage”?

They are hate-mongers and bigots who want to impose their view of God on America. They are dominionists and theocrats. They are dangerous!

What happens when liberal Christians quote Scriptures to support their views on abortion or same-sex “marriage”?

They are enlightened and tolerant. They are people of conscience. They are helpful. They are virtuous!

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SOURCE: Charisma News