Michael Brown Gives Statement Concerning Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Todd Bentley

Dear friends in the Body of Christ,

Last month, a long list of serious charges against evangelist Todd Bentley was posted online, leading to a firestorm of controversy and confusion. In turn, this has unleashed a wave of gossip, slander, and innuendo against others in the family of God. Along with this, many are asking the question: Is there any accountability in the Church?

In response to this, I have been tasked by a number of senior leaders in the Body to assemble a group of trusted and respected men of God who will review the charges against Todd and make a determination, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6. While we do not have judicial authority over Todd’s ministry, we do have the support of a wide range of leaders in the Body, who will be stating in advance that they will back the decision of the panel. It is our hope that this will set an example of a righteous way to handle disputes and accusations such as these for others in the Church, especially in non-denominational circles where it is often more difficult to establish patterns of accountability.

We will be working with an investigator who will help us vet ALL charges. The panel of leaders will then review the evidence and make a determination of guilt or innocence in accordance with the facts presented. Based on that determination, conclusions will be made in terms of how the charges against Todd have been handled, whether he should be in ministry, and whether others are guilty of falsely accusing him or misrepresenting the facts.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown