Jerry Newcombe on Is Your Marriage on the Rock or Is It on the Rocks?

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Many years ago, when “Dear Abby” was in many newspapers, there appeared this interesting exchange: “Dear Abby, I am 44 and would like to meet a man my age with no bad habits. Signed, Rose.” “Dear Rose, so would I. Signed, Abby.”

George Washington once observed, “I have always considered marriage as the most interesting event in one’s life, the foundation of happiness or misery.”

Recently, I preached on the subject of Marriage on the Rock (as in Jesus Christ) versus Marriage on the Rocks.

My long time pastor, Dr. D. James Kennedy, once noted that, before God created the church or the state, he created the family—beginning with marriage.

Marriage is special to God. The Bible opens with a marriage. The Bible closes with a marriage. Marriage is the picture of the believer’s relationship with Christ. That’s why Satan aims his big guns at marriage.

Marriage is good for society because it is the first defense against evil. Marriage is the building block of any community.

Generally, research shows people are happier when married, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that in our culture at large. Nicholas H. Wolfinger asked in an article, “Are Married People Still Happier?” He concludes in the affirmative—that data collected from the General Social Survey (the GSS) indicates that “married adults are much happier than unmarried adults.”

Nonetheless, marriage is under siege today. But is that necessarily new? In 1983, the U.S. Senate held “Broken Families Hearings.” They drew from a Harvard historian named Carle Zimmerman who had described in 1947 the “last stage of the disintegration” of the cultures of Greece and Rome. Here’s how Zimmerman described familial breakdown, which contributed to the fall of those ancient countries:

1. Marriage loses its sacredness and is frequently broken by divorce….

2. The traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony is lost. Alternate forms of marriage arise…

3. Feminist movements abound….

4. There is an increased public disrespect for parents, parenthood, and authority in general so that parenthood becomes harder for those who still try to rear children.

5. There is an increase in juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, and rebellion.

6. There is a refusal of people with traditional marriages to accept family responsibilities. 7. There is an increasing desire for—and acceptance of—adultery.

8. There is a tolerance for—and spread of—sexual perversions of all kinds…

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jerry Newcombe

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