Greg Sukert on How Should Pro-Life Activists Engage Pro-Choice Supporters?

Pro-life and pro-choice activists gather at the Supreme Court for the National March for Life rally in Washington January 27, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

The evangelistic media ministry Anchored North just launched a brand-new online series, Honest Discourse, which features two people with competing viewpoints discussing controversial topics.

The first episode released September 2019, and it’s centered on one of the most disputed topics of our generation: abortion.

In this premiere episode, a pro-choice advocate and a pro-life Christian came together to see if they could discuss abortion with authenticity, love, and respect. Conversationalists include two women: one a Planned Parenthood volunteer and the other a pediatric nurse. Both sides are represented with integrity, and prayerful discernment was used to include a Christian who is biblical, bold, and Christ-centered.

“You know, the Bible makes the claim of the sanctity of human life, which basically means that human life is sacred. And that sacredness of human life isn’t because we are in ourselves sacred, but because we are created by a God who is holy,” Beth, a pro-life Christian, later responds.

Important questions were raised during the conversation, such as: “Is abortion a woman’s right?” and, “When does life begin?” and, “Does abortion have consequences?”

One would think that a hot-topic discussion between individuals with opposing perspectives couldn’t possibly end well. However, the most striking characteristic of the conversation is the kindness that is exchanged. Both sides listened. Both sides were gracious. Both sides seem to have actually cared for one another – a quality that is very uncommon in our generation that is characterized by polarization, one-sidedness, and tribalism.

The Christian also shared the gospel with compassion and conviction with her conversationalist.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Greg Sukert