Georgia School Approves Prayer at Football Games Despite Atheist Complaints

A Georgia county’s board of education says it has found a legal way to allow prayer before high school football games following complaints from an atheist organization.

Under the old policy, football games at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Ga., began with student-led prayer. That changed last week, when the high school omitted the prayer due to a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which wrote in a letter that the district “must take immediate action to end the practice of scheduling prayer at school-sponsored events and end the use of district equipment to project prayers to the public.”

Under the new policy, football games will begin with a student presenting whatever he or she desires, from a song to a poem to a prayer, WCTV-TV reported.

The Lowndes County Schools Board of Education adopted the policy on its first reading Monday night in a crowded meeting. Parents and boosters cheered as the new policy was passed, WCTV reported.

It still must be approved in a second reading next month, although the board said it could go into effect immediately.

“We knew coming in after our meeting last week that we had to put some work on it because our constituents were not going to let us say no way,” said Dave Clark, board chairman.

One of those constituents, Joe Copeland, applauded the board for not backing down.

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Source: Christian Headlines