Fossil of Gigantic Pterosaur That Might Have Hunted Dinosaurs Found on Isle of Wight

A model of a pterosaurs called the Jeholopterus ningchengensis is shown during a news conference at Rio’s Federal University in Rio de Janeiro August 5, 2009. The model is on display with a 130-million year-old fossil of the Jeholopterus ningchengensis which was discovered in China. REUTERS/Bruno Domingos

The wingspan of the creature is at least 20ft and the species could weigh up to 650lbs. Pterosaurs, which are believed to have hunted baby dinosaurs, had fascinated scientists as they seemed too heavy to take off but as per The Times, computerised 3D modelling has suggested they may have used their large leg and wing muscles as catapults. Robert Coram, a professional fossil hunter who made the find, said: “It might have been the largest flying creature that had ever lived up to that time.”