Florida Man Takes Photo on 18th Anniversary of 9/11 that Shows Clouds in the Shape of a Firefighter Running Towards an Angel

A man from Florida posted the photo of the angel on the left and firefighter on the right, via Facebook Wednesday morning

Florida man has shared a picture of a cloud formation that he believes resembles a firefighter walking towards an angel – 18 years on from the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Matt Snow was making his way to his job on Wednesday morning when he glimpsed the image in the sky.

Captured from across a misty landscape at sunrise, Snow’s shot shows the winged figure on the left side and the larger form that some think looks like a person in firefighter gear to the right.

Hashtagging ‘Never forget’ and ‘patriot day’, the married father captioned the picture: ‘It might be because today is 9/11 but this is the cloud formation I saw driving into work today.

‘Doesn’t it look [like] a firefighter running with a hose and an angel with the sun perfectly behind it?’

The social media post has received hundreds of shares since it went online that morning and commenters called it ‘unbelieve’, ‘incredible’, ‘breathtaking’ and ‘amazing’. It has been shared hundreds more times since various outlets have posted it online.

‘I believe that is one of God’s awesome ways to say all the brave people who died that day and because of it are at peace in His arms,’ Peggy Nowacki wrote under the photograph.

One Facebook user said they even saw the resemblance of smoke in the formation.

Lee Oliver added: ‘Wow! That gave me chills. Even looks smoky.’

Of the 2,977 9/11 victims, 412 were emergency workers who responded to the attacks at the World Trade Center. Among those workers who died in 2001 were 343 firefighters.

Snow – who is a teacher in Oakleaf – later told Fox 35 that he regularly takes the route to work but that day the view of the sky make him look again.

‘I couldn’t believe what I just saw,’ he shared. ‘My wife and I are both teachers and we drive that road every morning with our kids. Out of all days, today it looked like that.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Leah Simpson