Family of Five Believed to Be Among the 34 Presumed Dead After Flames Engulfed a Dive Boat Off the Coast of California

Three sisters who were celebrating their father’s birthday are likely among the 34 presumed dead following Monday’s California dive boat fire.

Mother Susana Rosas of Stockton revealed that Evan, Nicole and Angela Rose Quitasol were aboard the ill-fated Conception vessel, in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

They were travelling around the Chanel Islands with their biological dad Michael Quitasol and stepmom Fernisa Sison as part of a Labor Day weekend trip.

The family of five are missing after the blaze started early Monday morning while all aboard were believed to be sleeping below deck.

Flames raced through the 75 foot vessel so quickly that it blocked a narrow stairway and an escape hatch leading to the upper decks, leaving those below no chance of escaping, according to authorities.

Among the 34 people presumed dead are students from a North California charter school that taught kids from grades 7-12, teachers, parents, some people in their sixties and the marine biologist owner of the dive company who was leading the tour.

Five crew members were rescued and the bodies of 20 victims have been recovered so far. Many need to be identified by DNA analysis used during the fires in Paradise, California last year. Officials are collecting samples from family members.

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Source: Daily Mail