Here We Go: California Church Vandalized With Satanic Graffiti After Pastor and Members Protest ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

South Bay Pentecostal Church of Chula Vista, California, was vandalized on Sept. 7, 2019, reportedly because of the church’s open opposition to a drag queen story hour event at a local public library. | Screengrab/Mass Resistance

A church in California was vandalized after its pastor and members protested a library’s decision to host a “drag queen story hour.” Police are now investigating the attack as a hate crime.

South Bay Pentecostal Church of Chula Vista has been openly critical of the Chula Vista Public Library for sanctioning an event where drag queens read to children.

Over the weekend, two suspects vandalized the church building, spraying graffiti on the walls, including messages promoting “Lucifer,” “Satan,” and “king of Hell.”

Executive Pastor Amado Huizar told local news outlet KGTV channel 10 that he had “no doubt” his church was targeted for its campaigning against the drag queen event.

“Sure enough, at every corner there were phrases, hateful words, and graffiti on the walls of our church,” said Huizar. “I’m heartbroken, but I am going to continue to speak.”

Huizar reiterated his opposition to the event, telling KGTV that he felt the drag queen event was not age appropriate and should not be held at a taxpayer-supported venue.

“If the people want to make that happen, do it at a private setting, at a bookstore or at a home, but not at the Chula Vista Public Library,” he continued.

“When you do something like a ‘drag queen story hour,’ you are excluding a segment of the populous who are not in favor of this because of what we experienced today.”

The socially conservative advocacy group Mass Resistance, which worked alongside Huizar against the drag queen event, denounced the vandalism.

“As we’ve all seen, the rabid and unhinged pro-LGBT activists believe that no laws or rules of decorum prevent them from harassing, intimidating, and destroying anyone who disagrees with their agenda,” the group said on Monday.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski