Bernie Harding on Appreciating Those Who Serve in a Small Church

Image: Edi Libedinsky | Unsplash

This article was written by Bernie Harding, the community pastor of Peel Elim Community Church, where her husband is the pastor. Peel is a town of 6,000 people on the Isle of Man. Bernie is responsible for running the community centre, kids church, some evangelism projects, bible studies … “a bit of everything, as you will know is the way in small churches.”

The Faithful Member

I see you, small church people.

I see you when you serve in a small, unnoticed church.

I see you encouraging your pastor with a smile when yet another one bites the dust.

I see you who turn up to serve week-in week-out because there isn’t a kids’ church team, you are the kids’ church team. I see you investing in kids’ lives and discipling them in their walks with God.

I see you mums and dads who bring your babies along when there’s no crèche (nursery) so you spend the whole meeting in a room on your own with the baby, thinking “should I have just stayed home?” I see you getting up and out of the house to be at God’s house.

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Source: Christianity Today