Here We Go: BBC Receives Thousands of Complaints After Christian Program Airs Homosexual Wedding Inside Church

Their wedding was the first gay wedding to be shown on Songs Of Praise (Picture: BBC)

The BBC has received over 1,000 complaints after airing an episode of their flagship Christian programme Songs of Praise that contained a gay church wedding.

Songs of Praise has been broadcasting Christian hymns sung in churches across the country on Sundays since 1961. On the August 18th episode dedicated to faith and marriage, it showed a wedding of two men at Rutherglen United Reformed Church near Glasgow, Scotland.

The United Reformed Church is one of a few Christian denominations to allow same-sex weddings, whereas, for example, the Church of England does not. This was not only the first gay wedding to be performed at Rutherglen United Reformed Church, but the first to be broadcast by Songs of Praise.

During the BBC One programme, host Kate Bottley described the Church’s decision to reject Biblical teachings and redefine marriage as “momentous”.

According to The Times‘ reporting on Saturday, the BBC received 1,238 complaints. A BBC spokesman said in a statement: “Songs of Praise tells the stories of Christians across all denominations in the UK and in so doing, aims to reflect the balance of opinions on different issues.

“We featured the wedding of James and Ian to find out what it meant to them as Christians to be able to take their vows in church.

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SOURCE: Breitbart, Victoria Friedman