5 Tips for Throwing a Beautiful Religious Wedding Ceremony

If you’re the religious wedding ceremony planner, you want to make sure you get the religious part of things right.

The planning is very different from a Christian wedding ceremony to a Muslim wedding ceremony. If you aren’t of that religion, you may not know some of the nuances that are very important to it. 

Continue reading this article to learn how to plan a wedding ceremony and honor the religion of the bride and groom.

Planning a Religious Wedding Ceremony

From the engagement rings to the wedding decor, everything is likely to include symbolism and importance to the religion of the two being united. These following tips will make sure that you get things right.

1. A Cord of Three Strands (Christian)

If you’re planning a Christian wedding, then a cord of three strands is a popular part of the ceremony in many cases. The cord of three strands is used to demonstrate how important the couple’s relationship with God is and how it will keep them strong and tied together.

2. Breaking the Glass (Jewish)

If you’re planning a Jewish wedding, then the breaking of the glass is a must. The breaking of the glass is to symbolize how fragile life is.

While this is only one of the parts of the Jewish wedding ceremony, it is an important part that you can’t leave out.

3. Circling the Holy Fire (Hindu)

A Hindu wedding goes for two or three days, but the actual ceremony is only two to three hours. Part of the ceremony is circling the holy fire to acknowledge the stages of life.

4. Check the Dress Code

No matter what religion the wedding you’re planning is, you need to decide what the dress code is. If you’re having the ceremony in a temple or a church, you most likely know what the dress code is, but you shouldn’t assume.

Speak with the couple that is getting married and ask them if there is anything you should know about the dress code for the wedding. You may also choose to ask the wedding venue professionals or the wedding officiant.

If sleeveless dresses are not appropriate, then you might keep shawls on hand for women that come to the venue wearing dresses without sleeves. You might also keep jackets for men that don’t have one if that’s a requirement.

5. Check for Song Selection Allowances

Depending on the venue and the bride and groom’s preferences, you might not have a lot to work with in terms of music. Check for song allowances to see if you can have songs with words or if you’re only allowed to plan with instrumental music.

Learn More About Various Religions

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