YouTube Demonetizes Warriors for Christ Page With Over 500,000 Subscribers After Claiming Its Videos Were ‘Unsuitable’ for Advertisers

A conservative Christian activist is crying foul after YouTube demonetized his ministry’s YouTube page this month for apparent noncompliance with YouTube’s advertising policy. 

Tennessee resident Richard Penkoski leads the “pre-denominational” ministry Warriors for Christ, which claims that “snatching people from Hell is our business.”

In addition to holding protests in opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour events across the country, the ministry regularly posts videos on YouTube and Facebook voicing biblical objections to homosexuality, transgender identity and abortion.

Penkoski told The Christian Post that the Warriors for Christ YouTube page of over 560,000 followers used to net his ministry an income of somewhere around $600 per month.

But in mid-August, all of the videos on the Warriors for Christ YouTube channel were “demonetized,” meaning that they are not eligible to receive advertising revenue.

Penkoski explained that YouTube informed him in a notification that his videos were reviewed and ruled unsuitable “for all advertisers” and that his channel’s videos will “run limited to no adds.” He added that he was given no explanation from YouTube as to how the videos violated YouTube’s advertiser-friend guidelines.

Some of the videos that were ruled unsuitable for advertisers include titles like “God’s Word is True: Geologist Says Unusual Discovery in Antartica Confirms Biblical Flood Account,” “WWE Star Sting Confesses Christ,” “Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?,” and “Jesus is our Deliverer! Powerful Spiritual Warfare and Healing Scriptures.”

Penkoski explained that since he created the Warriors for Christ YouTube channel over four years ago, about 80 percent of his videos had been demonetized for one reason or another. But now all of his videos are ineligible for advertising revenue.

“I noticed that every video had that yellow dollar sign which means limited to no ads. So, I went on late at night and went through the support system for content creators. They wouldn’t give me any answers,” Penkoski detailed. “This impacted every video, including prayer videos and ones that mentioned nothing about LGBT. We had other videos that were earlier reviewed and deemed OK that were also demonetized.”

Penkoski told CP that he communicated over a series of days with a YouTube representative in an appeal to have the videos remonetized. Penkoski sent links to every video on the channel to be manually reviewed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith