Wallace Henry on Why America Was Never Meant to be a White Enclave Nor a Socialist Utopia

In the design of God, America was never intended to be a white enclave nor a socialist utopia.

Rather, it is to be a major base for the New Testament Church to have the freedom, security, and material means to carry out its mission of taking the “gospel of the Kingdom (of Christ)” into the whole world. (Matthew 24:14; 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)

All history, said Oscar Cullman, is Christocentric. All historical events and phenomena—including nations, their societies and cultures—must be understood in the context of the purposes of God as revealed through Jesus Christ.

The purpose of history and the nations within it is the advance of the “gospel of the Kingdom” of God throughout the whole world. (Matthew 24:14) Therefore, in the context of the Kingdom, nations are not so much geo-political entities as they are crucibles of humanity into and through which the good news of Christ’s Kingdom can be poured.

Ernest Renan, a French historian, believed, in the description of Professor Wilfred McClay, that a nation is not best understood as merely blood, soil, race, or biology, but “as a soul, a spiritual principle.”

Yet geo-political nations are not theocratic because the Kingdom Commission is not an earthly nation’s commission. The Kingdom Commission is given to the New Testament Church within the nation. The blessing upon the nation is tied directly to the mission of such churches.  The missional health of the churches within the nation determines the health of the nation.

However, history reveals that, in God’s eyes, America itself, as other nations, has distinctive roles to play in the world:

  • A sending nation

God has given America remarkable liberties so churches can be free to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom unhindered. He has blessed America with security in an increasingly chaotic world so the churches can be secure as they go about their Kingdom mission. The Lord of history has lavished America with prosperity so churches will have the material means of going into the whole world on the Kingdom mission.

  • A servant nation

“Unto whom much is given, much is required,” said Jesus. The United States has been entrusted with much spiritually, philosophically, and materially. She is at her best when she is serving human need across the world without exploitation or expectancy of return.

  • A sanctuary nation

America is to be a sanctuary for people in danger in their homelands, as well as those whose dreams and destinies are squelched by tyrants and oppressive regimes.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace Henry